The success and failure of a business is often do to the availability of funding. Most businesses fail because they are unaware of financial matters and funding options. This is a gap that differentiates a small and medium business with that of larger successful businesses.

  • Missed opportunities due to lack of funding
  • Unaware of government grants or funding
  • Higher funding costs.
  • Unhealthy Cash Flow
  • Lack of strategic financial planning.

Risks of Bank Loan Application Being Rejected

Many businesses don’t have the time or know how to obtain various loans from the banks. Another reason is their documentation are also not in proper order, or do not give the bank a full detail of the financial health of the company

Benefits of using us

  • Well versed with Bank’s lending criteria
  • Fast processing time
  • Higher approving loan amount
  • High success rate
  • No upfront fees

What is the SME Loan Process?

At MDS Group, we follow a 4-step process to maximize the chance of loan sucess and in obtaining a larger loan quantum.

1 Consultation To understand company’s financial situation, sign contract with MDS Group of Companies Pte Ltd. (No upfront fee)
2 Profile and Source Create a profile and source for funding products. Assess your chances of success through various channels.
3 Reports and Justifications We prepare a confidential report along with your loan submission to our lenders to highlight the key strengths of the company.
4 Loan Approval You only pay us a fee upon successful loan approval.

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